Yay! I just got word from the Austin Film Festival that my Sitcom Spec Script was a Second Rounder. I’m honored, and as this is my first time attending the Austin Film Festival (and my first submission to their contest) I am overjoyed to learn that I’ll get to attend some special workshops and have badge designation as part of the recognition. I know Austin is extremely competitive, and I’m happy the Austin Film Festival readers liked what I wrote. I hope my story was able to generate some chuckles or a belly laugh. Its great encouragement to keep working on my current Pilot scripts. Cheers and thank you Austin Film Festival.

“With a new record of 9,100 entries, this year’s scripts proved to be incredibly competitive and featured a high standard of exemplary stories, including your own. This is a tremendous accomplishment, and you should be extremely proud of your success. We were impressed with the overall quality of the work this year and our readers returned many positive evaluations, making for an extremely tough judging process.”